There are fans and FAN # Ci sono fan e FAN

I am saturated and this time I write it clear and round and in big letters so maybe it comes into the head of some sick, cruel and stupid people who continue to hurt their neighbor hiding behind an emoticon or an account where they do not face:


I love seeing the wedding ring in their hands, and when Michael does not wear it, I’m always a little anxious.

I love to see how they look and smile because they see a million miles away who are in love with each other.

I love to see Michael with his family, his children, his dogs … I love to see this man in his private man who kindly grants us.

I love to see in his eyes a serenity that I have not seen for years.

And to those who continue to attack him with incorrect insinuations, I say:




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I love you…

I love you,
the whisper in toes in the silence of the night,
just the world around me sleeps
and I dance to the Moon by accompanying my footsteps to these words for you.
I love you, but I can not tell you why you are not here with me,
because you are in a place unknown to me …
because you are far from my body …
but not from my heart.

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This is really too much!
I wonder how they can, the actors of the world’s No. 1 show, accept to play absurd things even though in the past they have shown that they can play everything.

Sorry, but I’m really disgusted to see how Tony’s name and character are still exploited just to increase the audience, because, let’s face it, after the release of Tony, the show is dead! 14595800_1199784150095604_6858354212355157956_n

Anthony, despite his limitations due to absurd scripts, was the soul of the show.
Michael did a spectacular job, gave face and heart to a character who deserves much more and who has often been denigrated and set aside to favor pg and talented talented actors. I do not want to discuss, I do not want to help the crowds, but I’m a fan of Michael, I’m a fan of Anthony DiNozzo and I see that he still tries to exploit his name through a nasty script where he, despite being no longer in the cast, continues to to be described as an eternal child who makes nonsense jokes, no, it is not right!

They let a talented actor escape, have destroyed a fantastic character that Bellissario had created and modeled with Michael, ridiculed, derided and forced that character to love a killer who was only good to go to bed with humans and humiliate him and now as do they allow? Shame!

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Through you/Attraverso te

dear michael

My heart bleeds
Every drop is a tear that my soul pays for you
For what you are
For what it represents for me.

I’m overwhelmed by the pain
Crushed by an unrealistic desire that continues to make way for me
Violandomi …
Killing me …

Your body talks to me …
Challenge my conscience …
I subdue my word through a tongue of signs

I want you!
I wish your body warm and powerful,
I want to do it myself …
I want as water in the desert,
Like fire in the ice,
As the lungs air.

I wish those soft and delicate lips
I want to get lost in your jade eyes
In her chest big and soft
I want to sleep on your heart and make me cradle from it

You have created these emotions through your existence.
Your simple existence to give life back to me through a smile I will never forget …
Through a gentle look it but that can make you tremble …
To a suffocating voice …
Through you.

I love you.


Il mio cuore sanguina
ogni goccia è una lacrima che la mia anima versa per te
per quel che sei
per ciò che rappresenti per me.

sono sopraffatta dal dolore
schiacciata da un desiderio irrealizzabile che continua a farsi strada in me

il tuo corpo mi parla…
sfida la mia coscienza…
soggioga il mio attraverso un linguaccio fatto di segnali

Ti desidero!
desidero il tuo corpo caldo e possente,
desidero farlo mio…
lo bramo come l’acqua nel deserto,
come il fuoco tra i ghiacci,
come i polmoni l’aria.

Desidero quelle labbra morbide e delicate
desidero perdermi nei tuoi occhi di giada
nel suo petto grande e morbido
desidero dormire sul tuo cuore e farmi cullare da esso

Tu hai dato vita a queste emozioni attraverso la tua esistenza.
La tua semplice esistenza a ridato vita alla mia attraverso un sorriso che non scorderò mai…
attraverso uno sguardo dolce, ma che sa farti tremare…
a una voce suadente…
Attraverso te.

Ti amo.

Love is…

dear michael

Love is …
Wake up in the morning and I see you,
Fix your still sleepy face,
Your long eyelashes,
Your eyelids just move …

Love is …
Your lips leave ajar,
Your deep breaths,
Your smile stealing …

Love is …
The sun reflected in your jade eyes,
The way you curved eyebrows when a thousand thoughts disturb you,
How do you bite your lips when you feel embarrassed …

Love is …
In the evening, when tired, you fall asleep on my breasts,
When you look for my hand in sleep,
When you listen to my silences,
When you voice your thoughts without you needing to speak,
When you welcome me with a smile and greet me with a kiss … …

Love is …
Love is …
is You!



[This is a fantasy work, feelings and emotions that Michael derives from me. I never had the pleasure of sleeping with him, unfortunately. I apologize with Michael and her sweet and beautiful wife Bojana for my the freedom I’ve taken in this poem] x°°D


Bull premiere

Dear Michael,
how are you?
I guess you’ll be working as hard as you always do, but please always care for yourself. For the Bull show, I’ve seen you so busy and exhausted, I hope that all this work produces good fruit and you can enjoy even greater success because you are a beautiful person, both inside and out. 0
You deserve all this success and even more.
Sometimes I think people should stop associating your face with Anthony DiNozzo’s character, people should not call you Tony because you’re just Michael or, at this time, Jason Bull.
You are a man who, despite its origins, has formed himself.
You are a man who has believed in his dream and has achieved it.
You are a gentle, adorable man, immensely great for not being able to repent to the name of a single character, though it was important to you. I love Tony, because thanks to him I met you but I love the Tony you loved, the one created by Bellissario and not that they ruined the show runners that came after him.
Your Tony deserved a better finish instead of continuing to tie it to a woman he never loved. I hate what they did to Anthony, I hate how they treated her and denigrated and,

dear michael - michael weatherly

consequently, how they treated you.
I know and suffer for you, but now you have Bull! A new, fantastic and smart show, and work with really good people who love you and, above all, seem to respect you.
The bull seems to have been customized for you.
I could never imagine another actor in your place and this is great!
I love you and I admire you a lot.
Dream to be able to embrace you and tell you all in person or maybe I should let you read everything because I do not know English but … believe me … in my heart there is only a sincere love for you, for your person, for your family and what you give me through your great interpretations.
Do not put me on the level of those crazy, though maybe I’ve seen this blog … but this is just a showcase of my heart where you are the center of everything.

I love you so much…
dear michael - micheal weatherly


Caro Michael,
come stai?
Immagino che starai lavorando come tanto impegno come fai sempre, ma ti prego di avere sempre cura ti te. Per la premiere dello show Bull, ti ho visto così tanto impegnato e infine quasi sfinito, spero che tutto questo lavoro produca buoni frutti e che tu possa godere di un successo ancora più grande perché sei una persona bellissima, sia

dear michael - michael weatherly dentro che fuori.
Meriti tutto questo successo e anche di più.
A volte penso che la gente dovrebbe smettere di associare il tuo viso al personaggio di Anthony DiNozzo, che la gente non dovrebbe chiamarti Tony, perché tu sei semplicemente Michael o, in questo momento Jason Bull.
Sei un uomo che, nonostante le sue origini, si è formato da solo.
Sei un uomo che ha creduto nel suo sogno e l’ha realizzato.
Sei un uomo dolcemente adorabile, immensamente grande da non poter essere ritoddo al nome di un singolo personaggio, per quanto esso sia stato importante per te. Amo Tony, perché grazie a lui ho conosciuto te, ma amo il Tony che tu amavi, quello creato da Bellissario e non che hanno rovinato gli show runner arrivati dopo di lui.
Il tuo Tony che meritava un finale migliore, invece di continuare a legarlo a una donna che non ha mai amato. Odio quello che hanno fatto a Anthony, odio come l’hanno trattato e denigrato e, di conseguenza, come hanno trattato te.
Io so e soffro per te, ma ora hai Bull! Uno show nuovo, fantastico e per nulla scontato e lavori con persone davvero in gamba che ti adorato e, soprattutto sembrano rispettarti.
Bull sembra stato creato su misura per te.
Non potrei mai immaginare un’altro attore al tuo posto e questo è fantastico!
Ti voglio bene e ti ammiro molto. 44592bea3ca1829dad8450decb951e17
Sogno di poterti un giorno abbracciare e dirti tutto di persona o, forse, dovrei farti leggere tutto visto che non conosco l’inglese, ma…credimi… nel mio cuore c’è solo sincero amore per te, per la tua persona, per la tua famiglia e per quello che mi stai donando attraverso le tue grandi interpretazioni.
Non mettermi al livello di quelle pazze, anche se forse un po’ lo sono visto questo blog…ma questo è solo una vetrina del mio cuore dove tu sei il centro di tutto.
Ti amo tantissimo…

My Love/ Mio amore

I see your face lit by the sun …
Your sweet smile caressing the world around you …
And I feel an inestimable weight grow in me …
A painful but at the same time pleasant …
A sweet weight …

I feel the thistle make way in my throat and yet they are not sad, indeed ….
To see you is joyful …

Al sol to hear your voice …
My heart trembles and my body cries tears of joy …
And I feel a weight blocking my breath,
Crush my chest,
Take my breath …

I would like to entrust to the wind two simple words,
so that he can make it to you …

I love you.



Vedo il tuo volto illuminato dal sole…
Il tuo sorriso dolce che accarezza il mondo che ti circonda…
E sento in me crescere un peso inestimabile…
Un peso doloroso, ma al tempo stesso piacevole…
Un peso dolce…

Sento il magone farsi strada nella mia gola eppure non sono triste, anzi….
Il sol vederti mi mette gioia…

Al sol sentire la tua voce…
Il mio cuore trema e il mio corpo piange lacrime di gioia…
E sento un peso bloccarmi il respiro,
Schiacciarmi il petto,
Togliermi il respiro…

Vorrei affidare al vento due semplici parole,
affinché lui le faccia arrivare a te…

Ti amo.